Website transfer from russia Tilda

You have decided to say goodbye to Tilda and continue to work with the site yourself on your hosting. The main reason why users decide to part with Tilda's service and start moderating the site already on their hosting is their unwillingness to pay a permanent subscription to the aggressor country.

We are ready to provide you with a service: site transfer from Tilda to hosting.

Website transfer from Tilda to ukranian hosting

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We do not do a simple export, but transfer the content to another system.

  • Text is copied
  • Transferring the site structure, menu
  • Images are downloaded (or you provide them separately)

Website transfer from russia Tilda to ukranian hosting

We have professional templates for websites and on their basis a copy is created that is 95% similar to the original. At the same time, the new site is adapted to all mobile devices and looks normal on tablets and smartphones.

The domain name of the site is transferred to a new hosting and the site works as before. Page addresses are saved whenever possible to save positions in Google, if the structure changes, then Google will re-index in a couple of weeks.

It is possible to make a new website with product categories and a shopping cart, use feedback forms, slide shows, embed videos. Specifically, your site requires analysis (it's free), and then you can tell exactly which modules can be repeated with a design change or for which modules it is better to apply a different solution.

Transferring a site from Tilda is an important and necessary process. You get your own site without a monthly fee and become the master of the situation. Promotion of a new site is the second part of the task and we can also take it upon ourselves.

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