Promo Website Development

Creating a business card site is a fascinating and interesting process of organizing your business on the Internet

Promo Website Development

A promo website, also known as a business card site, is a compact online presence that typically includes 5-8 pages. These pages provide essential information about your main activities, goods, or services. The goal is to create a comprehensive business card that showcases your company, its offerings, and encourages potential customers to engage with you.


Visit card website from $280


The purpose of a promo website is to provide potential customers with a comprehensive overview of your business, encourage them to learn more about your offerings, and ultimately make a decision to engage with your company. By creating a professional and engaging online presence, you can effectively showcase your strengths, build trust, and attract customers.

The price includes:
website design;
mobile version of the site (responsive);
text writing on 5 -10 pages;
registration in search engines;
visit counter;
social buttons;

To be paid separately: domain name, hosting

Key features and elements of a promo website include:

  1. Brief Information: The website will feature concise and compelling information about your company, highlighting your key strengths, unique selling points, and the value you bring to customers.
  2. Services: A dedicated page will outline the services you provide, giving visitors a clear understanding of what you offer and how it benefits them.
  3. Contacts: Contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses will be prominently displayed to ensure visitors can easily reach out to you.
  4. Map: If relevant, an interactive map can be integrated to help customers locate your business premises or provide directions.
  5. Gallery of Works: Showcasing your past work or projects through a visually appealing gallery helps build credibility and demonstrates your expertise.
  6. Portfolio: If applicable, a portfolio section can display examples of your completed projects, highlighting your skills and capabilities.
  7. Unique Design: The website's design will be tailored to reflect your specific industry, brand identity, and overall business image. A visually appealing and cohesive design will create a strong impression and leave a lasting impact on visitors.


A business card site may contain the following sections with information:

  • About the company (About us, About the project). A section with general information about the company. It may contain several additional sections: Our mission, Our history, Our team, Vacancies, Contact us.
  • Products. A business card website section with a description of manufactured products or sold goods.
  • Services. A list of services offered by your company. This can be a single page with the list of services and their brief description, or several sections with a separate detailed description of each service offered.
  • Articles. Articles, publications, information materials.
  • Portfolio. A portfolio of your works.
  • Company news. A business card section for posting your company’s news and information about promotion actions.
  • Feedback. A section containing feedback from your customers.
  • Contact us.
  • Other sections for the best presentation of your information on the site.

What is the importance of having a website for a small private business?

A website serves as a powerful tool to showcase your business and services on the Internet. It allows you to effectively communicate information about your offerings and engage with a wider audience. By categorizing information, you can provide a comprehensive overview of your services in an organized manner. While a business card website may have limitations when it comes to showcasing products, we recommend creating a website with a complete product catalog for a more comprehensive representation. Furthermore, integrating your website with social networks enables you to share and promote your business among your friends and acquaintances, expanding your reach and fostering word-of-mouth referrals. A website for your small private business enhances your online presence, establishes credibility, and provides a platform to connect with customers, ultimately driving growth and success.


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