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Website redesign is a change to the graphics. This modification affects the entire visual part of the site: menu, background, design of windows and blocks, icons, but does not affect the functionality, structure, page addresses. Therefore, this service can be performed without violating the search engine optimization of the site and promotion work. 

The timing and cost of a site redesign depends on the scale of the change. We are ready to discuss the process of redesigning your site and start fulfilling the order.


Mobile version of the site
Мобільна версія сайту

Mobile version of the site should be and work correctly on any device from tablet to small smartphone. Order redesign of the site for mobile devices.

The mobile version of the site is enabled when viewing the site on a smartphone or tablet. This mode is activated automatically. The site is displayed differently: the menu is switched to a drop-down list, all blocks are lined up in a column for better perception of the site and reading information. Some modules may be hidden. Your site should be easy to read on mobile and your customers will not leave the site.

Website transfer from Tilda

Changes of website design (redesign)

Changes in the design of your site (often called a redesign) are a complete or partial change in the graphic design of the site (colors, images, fonts…), as well as, possibly, site navigation. This preserves (or tweaks) the overall structure of the site, the model, the set of functionalities, and the content of the site.

Why do you need to redesign your site?

The appearance of various shortcomings in the company's website leads you to redesign the site. The reason for the redesign is the old age and wear and tear of the logo, which has long served. If the site is fairly new, but the design is done mediocre, the company is simply forced to use redesign to improve the usability of the site. Many companies order redesign to be in trend.

Create a new site based on the old

Sometimes there is a situation when you have a site, but it is outdated, it is 5-6 years old and it needs modern technology. In this case, you can create a new site. We copy all content, photos, materials and transfer everything to a new website. You get a website redesign on a new engine with new features and design. This way you can save time and save up to 50%.

Reasons for redesigning the site

In general, there are many reasons for redesign around the world to list them all, but the most important and most common we have given above. If you need a redesign of the site, then you should be aware of how long this process is, which requires attention, as it decides the further performance and overall appearance of the company's site. You should not doubt the need for redesign, because our time website is very important in the market. Time does not stand still and trends and technologies change, so the design of your site may gradually lose its former popularity.

We will always be able to provide you with a redesign service.

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