Creation of a multilingual site

Thanks to multilingualism, the site becomes available to a much larger number of potential users, you will be read in their native language and this will bring an increase in income or an increase in the audience.
Our experience allows us to create a site in several languages, for example, English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian.

Multilingual site

A site with multiple languages ​​usually has a language switcher in the header of the site. This is one site and it has one admin control panel. The menu of one language of the site has a connection with the menu in another language, and when switching the language, the user remains in the same section of the site. It is convenient and understandable for users. It is possible to set the main language of the site, for example: Ukrainian.

Add a new language to the site

Sometimes companies are faced with the fact that a site created in one language needs to be expanded by adding one or two more languages. For Ukraine, this is usually: Ukrainian. Russian, English. We can add the required languages ​​to your site. This is a big job that will probably affect your entire site and it will be completely redone. To make a multilingual site out of a monolingual one is the right thing and relevant today.


Translating texts for a site in several languages

It is always necessary to translate the content of the site into the required languages. It is necessary to take this into account when drawing up an estimate of the work on the site.

Promoting a site with multiple languages

Promoting a site in several languages ​​is not much more difficult than a simple site, however, the costs will increase by 2 times or more. Promotion of multilingual sites is within our competence.

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