Development of Online Stores

A real online store is a powerful tool for selling your products in today's digital society. A wide variety of online stores exist and they all try to sell the goods of their owners. Your online store is a 24/7 place to sell your goods.
The store is not geographically bound. After the sale, you can safely send your goods to any city or Kiev by courier. The Internet is connected in almost every home and mobile Internet is especially popular in phones and tablets, so your store will be visited by many people who are looking for your product.


The development cost of an e-commerce site: from $800


Price includes:

  1. Friendly Navigation: We will ensure that your online store has a user-friendly navigation system, allowing customers to easily browse and find products.
  2. Modern Design: Our team will create a modern and visually appealing design for your online store, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  3. Filter by Product Properties: We will implement a filtering system that enables customers to refine their product search based on specific properties or attributes.
  4. Writing Text for 30 Pages or Directory Subcategories: Our team will write informative and engaging content for up to 30 pages or directory subcategories, helping to showcase your products effectively.
  5. Product Catalog with Subcategories: We will set up a comprehensive product catalog that includes organized subcategories, making it easier for customers to navigate and find desired products.
  6. Photo Gallery, Video Gallery: We will integrate a photo gallery and video gallery to showcase your products visually, providing customers with a more immersive experience.
  7. Upload Goods up to 50 Units: As part of the package, we will assist in uploading up to 50 product units. If you have additional products, a separate contract can be discussed.
  8. Google Website Registration: We will register your online store with Google to ensure proper indexing and visibility in search results.
  9. Site and Product Management System: We will provide you with a user-friendly management system that allows you to easily manage your website and product inventory.

Additionally paid: domain name, hosting

Creating an online store


The development stages of an online store typically include:

  1. Drawing up a Statement of Work: We collaborate with you to understand your goals and objectives, enabling us to identify potential solutions.
  2. Design and Development: Our team of specialists creates visually appealing and functional home and internal pages for your online store.
  3. Layout Setting: We ensure that the website layout adheres to the requirements of internet browsers, optimizing its compatibility and accessibility.
  4. Programming: We develop the necessary functionality and features for your online store, enhancing its performance and user experience.
  5. Pro-integration: We work on the backend of the website, ensuring smooth integration with necessary systems or databases.
  6. Online Store Testing and Project Completion: The website is thoroughly tested on a test domain, and upon successful testing, it is transferred to the main domain. The site is filled with relevant information, content (audio, video, photos), and functionality.

Upon completion, your online store will possess the following features:

  • Convenient and concise category structure for easy navigation.
  • Simple and fast checkout system for seamless transactions.
  • Sorting options based on product attributes or characteristics.
  • Various additional services that enhance the overall shopping experience.

It's important to note that ongoing website maintenance, updates, and marketing efforts are essential for the continued success and growth of your online store. Allocating a budget for website promotion and marketing activities will help drive traffic and increase sales. We can provide additional guidance and support in this aspect as well.



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