Development of a corporate website

Corporate website is necessary for companies in any field of activity. By visiting the corporate website of a product supplier, customers can learn about the latest achievements and news, get acquainted with products and services. The management will be able to publish new corporate documents, diplomas, certificates and licenses received.



Corporate website $1000 - 2000


Price includes:
  • website design;
  • multiple languages;
  • writing text for 20-30 pages;
  • rubricator with areas of activity;
  • photo gallery, video gallery;
  • documents or article directory;
  • content management system;
  • Google services registration

Any web resource, including the website of a company representative in Ukraine, is created in stages. The development is preceded by the preparation of technical specifications, the future structure. From the client it is necessary to provide all necessary documents, photos. You should decide in advance on the corporate style, which will be traced on all pages of the site. Another important point is the appointment of a responsible person who will manage the creation of a web resource and will be able to make timely decisions for the prompt implementation of the project.


Order the creation of a corporate website

Corporate site - is a large web resource not limited by the number of pages. Such a site contains maximum information about the company, its activities, a detailed description of all goods and services. Moreover, a corporate website can contain a company blog, an advanced search module, a feedback and sales process integration module, language settings, and so on. A corporate website will help solve the company's main business tasks on the network, ensure optimal communication between the company and the consumer.

corporate identity for corporate website KyivIf you have a business and don't have a corporate website, then for your clients the company does not exist. For those who are looking for products and services, as well as reviews on the Internet Your company is in the shadow of your competitors.

And there are more and more such people every day. Therefore, any self-respecting company is obliged to make sure that each user, without leaving the computer, can receive all the information of interest to him at any time, anywhere, ask a question, place an order.

Corporate site is more complicated to administer and maintain than a business card site, but it also has much more opportunities. If you decide to create a corporate website, be ready not only to constantly update the information on the website and your business in Kyiv, monitor the relevance of articles, but also conduct a dialogue with customers - answer their questions and devote time to the full-fledged work of your web-representations in the network.

A corporate website allows private entrepreneurs, commercial companies and public organizations not only to make themselves known, creating a positive image, but also to significantly increase sales, attract customers, find business partners and study the demand for goods and services of your target audience.

Tasks solved by a corporate site:

  • Posting complete information about the company on the Internet (the reliability of the company is emphasized by a quality design);
  • Informing website visitors about the company’s services;
  • Organization of feedback between site visitors and company customers;
  • Attracting site visitors to participate in contests, prize draws, and quizzes;
  • Collection and analysis of information about site visitors;
  • Creating special internal (available only after authorization) sections of the site for employees, customers, and partners of the company;
  • Organization of the work process via the Internet for employees of regional and representative offices.


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