Creation of an Internet catalog site

Internet catalog is a site with a branched rubricator of goods or products. Each product contains the product name, photo, description, attributes. This type of site allows you to show all subcategories of products and the entire product range of your company. It is very convenient to use such a site where the owner is a supplier or manufacturer of a variety of goods with several categories. It is very difficult to present a product in one list and it is inconvenient for visitors. Structurally, such a site is divided into categories and subcategories with goods. We can discuss and structure your categories in a convenient way for your site.


The development cost of a Website catalog from $600


During the development of the site, the following is provides for visitors to your online store:

  • Website design
  • Friendly navigation.
  • Modern design.
  • Fast loading of catalog pages of the online store
  • Writing text for 20-30 pages
  • Rubricator with categories of goods or services
  • Photo gallery, video gallery
  • Registration in search engines
  • Social buttons and social groups
  • Website and product management system.

Additionally paid: domain name, hosting

If you need to set prices for a product, it is better to make it a separate download file. This will allow the site owner to promptly update prices in the price list.
Also, this site can be integrated with social networks for better promotion of goods among your friends and acquaintances.

Structure of a site with a catalog

At the meeting, we will discuss the structure of your future site with goods or services. Accessibility and clarity of the catalog is an important factor in promoting sites on the Internet in Kyiv. Each person should easily understand the navigation of the site and find the necessary product in the subcategories.

When developing a Internet catalog site is the best option:

  • For the first time, your company has decided to enter the virtual market and create a website
  • You want to post information about any one-time event or action (exhibition, promotion) on the site
  • Your company does not need to post large amounts of information online
  • You want to create a site for search engine promotion
  • You are interested in creating a site for minimal costs
  • You want to create a site that informs about one of the company’s activity areas, in addition to the main corporate site.

Design and mobility

When creating a design, we take into account all the nuances of the site on a mobile device. Convenient mobile version is necessary for all projects. Stylish design, interesting animation, convenient location of top offers, allows a potential client to find the desired information and as a result make a purchase.

Website catalog - what is it?

A catalog site is an online platform where a list of goods with a detailed description of each item is presented. The main difference between a catalog site and an online store is the absence of a shopping cart and the ability to buy online. Development of a catalog site will be interesting for companies that are engaged in wholesale trade, as well as exclusive products. A catalog site is your best sales manager who works around the clock, does not require a premium and is always ready to describe in detail the advantages of goods and customer cooperation with your company.


Creating a website with a catalog of goods is the best solution for a small wholesale supplier.

We will help you promote your products.

Creating your business card site will allow you to effectively declare your business offers and brands on the Internet in a short time. If you are interested in a more detailed presentation of your products or services, we will help you create a site catalog, please, read about it here.

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