Website redesign - why is it needed?

Redesign of the site, its improvement and updating

Does your website look like an old Moskvich? It's a pity to throw it away, but there is no benefit? This happens when a web resource is made on a simple code of the last century, and contractors without experience make attempts to improve it.

Such a site will not add credibility to you. We will help correct the situation. We will change not only the appearance of the site, but also improve its functionality. After such a “plastic surgery”, your Internet resource will easily bypass young competitors and enter the TOP of the search engine. Still in doubt? See for yourself by looking at our portfolio of finished works. Time to order!

Order Your Website Redesign

First, we need to discuss the terms of reference with you. Then draw up a contract and get access to the hosting of your site and the admin panel. After prepayment, we start working.

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Why order website redesign


The first impression of users is formed by the appearance of a web resource. Even if the content is sensible, the visitor has no desire to study it when usability is lame.

Contact us to order a website redesign if it is:

  • Useless. It seems that there is a web resource, but clients do not go. The reason lies in the ill-conceived design and stupid structure. Well, users do not want to solve "puzzles" and waste their precious time.
  • Obsolete. Practice shows that even the coolest site needs to update its interface every 4-5 years. Technological progress does not stand still, so original and bright solutions are needed. Only by standing out from the crowd will you be able to win the recognition of your customers.
  • The site does not match the line of business. Yesterday you focused on "weight loss", but today you decided to spit on this direction and start selling children's toys? Redesign the site so that new customers recognize it by sight.
  • It's full of "dead links" or has errors. Redesign and improvement of the functionality will solve the problematic issue.
  • "Clumsily" works on mobile devices. More and more users are browsing websites on smartphones and tablets. Don't want to lose clients? Your Internet resource must meet their needs! Mobile siteshould be the default nowadays.
  • Needs image redesign. Change of corporate colors, logo is a reason for redesign. Logo design / brand book is also included in our services.


We will solve all the above problems. We work for results. We guarantee high-quality development of the site, improving its appearance in accordance with the needs of modern users. Contact us if you want to be easily recognized. By investing in website redesign, you care about the company's reputation and your image. It's worth it!

We will calculate the cost individually. Call the numbers indicated on the site. We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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