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Developing a website is always a complex process with many subtleties and questions. Website design helps to display information in the best possible light and will help customers to be interested in your message for them.

  • Images on the site: Creating excellent graphics, you need to optimize it, it is very bad when the site does not load immediately but in 10 seconds or more.
  • Design starts with a sketch: It is not necessary to launch a graphics editor to start designing. Make a few sketches on paper, use different layouts and layouts, think more about functionality than aesthetics. The site sketch should include menus, content, blocks, icons, functional elements.
  • Font: It is now a tradition to place one font from the standard set of system fonts on the site. Several fonts can be used in a creative site where appropriate. The font size usually changes in headings, but does not change in the text.
  • Testing: Test (or ask others) the site in different working conditions on different computers, mobile devices. Try to do this every time after a major update.

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