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Search engine optimization is necessary for search engines to correctly determine which keywords your page belongs to, in order to then return your pages to the right queries. Since there are a lot of requests, the algorithm for matching the text of the pages to the keywords when requested in a search engine works. This is exactly what we are doing, working with your site.

Basically, when optimizing the site and pages, we change:

  • Page title: titles are needed for each page, not too long and well reflecting the content of the page.
  • Links: Internal links (inside the body text to their own pages of the site), in addition to improving usability, work as a double menu and also suggest to search engines the topic of the content of other pages.
  • Strengthen your keywords: The easiest thing to do is to highlight your keywords and phrases with the strong tag. Of course, you should not abuse it, but with a moderate approach, this technique can give a positive result.
  • Headings: You should always use H1 H2 H3 H4 headings. The h1 tag is the most important, try to use keywords in it. The rest of the headings should show the structure of the text divided into paragraphs. for example: H1 H2 H3 H3 H2 H2.
  • Busting: When optimizing, you need to keep the user in mind, some tricks can destroy everything that is so hard done for visitors. No need to put keywords everywhere where possible. This will make search engines sick.

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