Website redesign - a look at the little things

Website redesign - subtleties of interface customization

The appearance of a page on the Internet has a significant impact on the development and profit from the very resource represented by this page. Today, the visitor is attracted by simplicity, uniqueness, presentability, and ease of use. Design errors can lead to loss of potential customers, which will make the cost of website promotion as a whole not justified. Therefore, the development of website design is a task of paramount importance.

Artangel, developing the design of an Internet resource, will embody the preferences of the customer in the smallest details, taking into account the tastes and wishes of his potential visitors.

Website Design Focus

Which site design elements primarily attract the attention of a resource visitor?

  • Website header with logo

The site header is actually the "face" of any site. The visitor of the resource usually sees it on all pages. In the future, it is by this design element that users will "recognize" the site by visiting its pages repeatedly. The site header is what is first perceived and evaluated when viewed by the majority of site guests. At the same time, attention is paid to its content, color scheme, functional elements and much more that is located in this part of the site.

If a site is created a completely new site, then Artangel Kyiv web studio creates unique website header design selecting individual images by combining the color palette. As a result, a number of possible design samples are presented to the customer. In the event that the customer already has his own style developments, there is a logo or brand names, images, colors, then the Artangel web studio focuses its work on the complete and harmonious integration of these elements into the design solution for the site header.

  • Content and illustration design

The next step for a visitor on an open page is to search for the necessary information. Therefore, the necessary information should be presented to him in the most convenient format that would provide the most comfortable perception. Readability of the text is determined by many factors. For example, background color, font style, layout and division of text, headings and subheadings, image sizes and their position. All these details ultimately create a pleasant feeling of comfort and convenience when using the content of the site. Be sure that if the visitor feels comfortable on the site, he will stay on these pages longer and visit them many more times. There is not much left before his order on your resource...

  • Your site menu

When a visitor finds himself in an unfamiliar environment, he will always look for the signs he needs. Such a pointer on the site is the menu. Like any pointer, it must first of all be noticeable, be "at hand" so that the visitor can easily find it and use it. And, of course, the menu should be as convenient and understandable as possible, because it will be the main guide to the resource being presented. Therefore, menu design, its structure and functionality require special attention.

You should think about the position of the menu on the page: the top menu, the menu located on the left or right side, the menu at the bottom of the page. It is possible to use a separate menu for each section of the resource. It is also necessary to choose the optimal color for the menu, images, it is possible to use animation.

  • Design elements and ruffles

Most likely, the owner of the Internet resource is very interested in the "Make an order" button on his site. Actually, for such buttons as "Make an order", "View portfolio", "Download price list", "Pay", "Buy" a website is created on the Internet. Therefore, such buttons should have an attractive appearance. The development of the design of these buttons is an important task, the successful implementation of which serves to increase the efficiency of the entire resource, and, therefore, directly works for profit. Everything matters here: size, location, shape, color, volume effect, style of inscriptions, highlighting, changing the appearance of the button when hovering over the cursor, and much more. Seeing such a button, a potential client should feel the desire to click on it, or at least call the manager.

You may need to redesign the site to make it more presentable and desirable for your potential clients. A good artistic style of the site will help to realize your wishes and dreams in business. A conveniently and beautifully designed product catalog, presented information and skillfully selected images will put your site in a number of modern and successful resources.

Website redesign

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