The structure of the future site on paper

The structure of the future website should be drawn on paper: We reveal the secret to the success of your web project!

Have you thought about creating a website but don't know where to start? Web studio Artangel is happy to help you! One of the most important stages of development of any web project is creation of its structure. And our experts are ready to emphasize that the best way to do it is to draw the structure of the future site on paper.

structure of the future website

Why on paper? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Simplicity and accessibility: Sketching out the structure on paper allows you to quickly and easily experiment with the arrangement of blocks, menus, tabs, and other elements of your site. You can quickly swap them around, add new elements, or remove unnecessary ones without spending a lot of time on coding or design.
  2. Concept visualization: Wireframing helps you better visualize how your site will look and function in the real world. You can see the overall size and shape of the pages, understand the navigation logic, and map the relationships between different pages and features.
  3. Team involvement: When you sketch out the structure on paper, you can easily share your ideas with your web development team, designers, and other project stakeholders. They will be able to better understand your vision and offer their ideas and suggestions for improvement. 
  4. Save time and resources: Sketching out the structure on paper allows you to focus on the main aspects of your site without spending time on programming or design. You can experiment with different options, make changes and refinements quickly without wasting valuable resources. 
  5. Identify potential problems: Sketching out the structure on paper helps to identify possible problems or inconsistencies in your website concept. You can consider different scenarios of user interaction with the pages and functions of the site and identify and fix any shortcomings in advance. 
  6. More accurate cost estimation: Sketching out the structure on paper helps you get a more accurate estimate of the costs of developing your website. You can understand how many resources are required to implement different elements and functionality, which will help you with budget planning and project management.
  7. Artangel web studio offers professional website development services based on the structure outlined on paper. Our experts are engaged in the development of unique design, programming, and optimization to achieve maximum performance and meet the needs of your audience.

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